WPPS was established in 2013, with the vision to become the first integrated Project House to deliver seamless end to end solutions in the Fabrication, Manufacturing and Construction industry. Delivering world class quality products and services in the South African, African, Middle Eastern, American and European markets, WPPS has grown from strength-to-strength, adding not only clients to the portfolio, but an array of bespoke services, tailormade to the needs of our clients. Within The Group, skilled and experienced teams provide high quality professional services across multiple sectors, including Profiling, Bending and Rolling, Fabrication, Construction, Project Management and Procurement. Our aim is to build trusted, long term relationships with all stakeholders, by providing exceptional customer service and exceeding all expectations, by delivering quality work on time and within budget. We strive to put our customers unique needs first by creating innovative solutions and delivering exceptional standards through the team’s commitment to attention to detail in planning, production, quality and cost control. The Group currently consists of six individual companies, all delivering quality add on services in the Fabrication, Manufacturing and Construction industry.


At the group, we strive to be leaders in Project Management and Control, Supply Chain and Procurement Management, Fabrication, Manufacturing and Construction all tailormade to the needs of customers in the mining, petrochemical and energy sectors. With an international supply footprint, The Group values trusted relationships with customers across private and public sectors by providing an exceptional standard of goods and services. At the core of The Group’s operations, is a commitment to the training, development and well-being of our employees, creating a sustainable and profitable entity through hard work and a dedication to excellence. We believe in empowering people to grow through innovative ideas and creativity and build our teams and companies on the core values of honesty, integrity and respect. No project is too big or small for The Group.


The Group strives to become a leader in providing integrated and unique solutions in the Mining, Construction, Petrochemical and Energy sectors, through commitment to innovation, exceptional service and outstanding quality. With a strong focus on quality, safety and client services, we strive to exceed the expectations of our all stakeholders in our value chain.


The Group aims to build long term trusted relationships by providing exceptional customer service and exceeding all expectations by delivering the highest standards possible. We strive to put our customers first by designing products and services unique to their needs, delivered on time and within budget. We are committed to delivering an integrated, seamless and overall risk-free experience to customers.


  • More than 15 000 tons of fabricated steel, which includes 5000 tons of Stainless Steel fabricated in the last year
  • The first and second single largest thickener fabrication projects in the world (issued to only one fabricator)
  • The Largest free-standing structure in the southern hemisphere (Fabrication and Installation)
  • More than 100 tanks completed in 24 months
  • One of the country’s largest separation specialist (60 thickeners ranging from 6m to 65m in the last 24 months)
  • Profiling capacity of more than a 1500 tons per month
  • The capacity to run 50 plus fabrication projects at any given time
  • SASSDA (South African Stainless steel development association) Award – First Runner up Engineering Category – FERTILIZING, PROCESS TANKS AND THICKENERS
  • Running one of the largest skills development projects in the fabrication industry, with over 450 students graduating in the first quarter of 2019
  • ISO 9001/2015, ISO 45001, ISO 3834 accredited
  • Engineering & design, Detailing, Supply, Fabrication, Procurement, Transport, Installation and Commissioning capacity
  • Specialized procurement management across verticals and horizontals operating within the mining, petrochemical and energy sectors and rapidly expanding into other sectors
  • Turn Key Projects Earthworks, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Plate Work and Piping.
  • Fabrication, SMPP and Turnkey projects ranging from R8 million to R86 million in value with capacity to increase up to R250 million
  • 56 000m² Under roof capacity and 15 000m² Laydown
  • Operating from one premises, with corrosion protection executed under roof
  • Work done in the following countries:
  • South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Namibia, Madagascar, UAE (Abu Dhabi), Spain, Saudi, Arabia, Australia, Russia, Finland, Germany, North America, South America.


Ellis Engineering and Tegmul adapted to the market requirements throughout their history, from 1983, 1984 and 1993 respectively, making these entities a real asset to the group. A rich history of knowledge and experience has ensured that knowledge transfer to younger generations has taken place. The Group has benefitted from this strong foundational structure and continues to strive to build on and transfer this knowledge within the organisation.

We adapted to the market requirements with regards to the manufacturing and fabrication of mild steel, running concurrent to the refractory division, and extended our profile to suit the market trends. In 2009 we further extended our profile by opening a stainless-steel fabrication division over and above the mild steel and refractory divisions.

Amalgamated the stainless steel and mild steel divisions to one division called “the fabrication division” and expanded into the market by establishing a turnkey solution, offering both fabrication and construction services and creating another division called “the construction division”. With this expansion, we became market leaders in turnkey solutions, sparking an appetite for further growth in the industry.

A new Executive Management team took over in 2017 (WPPS buyout), with more than 40 years’ experience within the Engineering, Fabrication and Construction industry in the mining, petrochemical and energy sectors. With the synergy and experience of the new team, the group was able to effectively drive the expansion of our market footprint to expedite international growth and ensure innovation and service excellence remain core drivers of the company.

Currently we are continually expanding by focusing on growing the group and expediting further expansion into the African and the European markets. We aim to become the go to Fabrication, Construction, Project and Procurement Management House in the market. Through consistent innovation and pivoting our expansion projects through the Covid-19 pandemic, we have successfully maintained milestones and identified new areas of focus. In 2021, we will place increased focus on our procurement management leg, assisting customers to save cost through our purchasing power and high-quality suppliers.